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Mulch is an important landscaping tool used in many different areas for many different purposes. For example, mulch can be used as ground cover on a child’s playground or for vibrant color in landscaping. In many cases, mulch is used to protect flowers and other landscape plants from damage, keeping them safe and healthy.

No matter how you’re using mulch in your life, Manny’s can help you select and distribute the right kind of mulch for your project. Our friendly experts will inform you about the types of mulch available for the job, then arrive on-site for distribution. We handle all your mulching needs, from large commercial landscaping projects to smaller residential gardens.

Improve the Health of Your Landscaping with Mulch

For your favorite flowers to blossom and thrive, they need carbon dioxide, sun, and water. Mulch provides a protective layer around the plants to prevent them from drying out quickly. Mulch also helps the soil stay at a consistent temperature to keep your plants happy and prevents the dirt around the landscaping from eroding or blowing away.

In addition, mulch can be an excellent distraction for small animals who might be looking to dig up your plants. With proper mulching every year, Manny’s can help your Fargo-Moorhead home or commercial landscaping look beautiful and stay healthy throughout the rest of the year.

Types of Mulch

Mulch is available in a variety of colors and materials, both organic and inorganic. Some of the most popular types of mulch include wood chips, shredded bark, and pine straw. Although there are rubber and other inorganic mulches on the market, these are usually not recommended for local landscaping projects—mulch needs the ability to decompose for it to work as it should.

Mulch is typically found in various shades of brown, black, and red. These natural colors can help the landscaping pop. They also provide your landscaping with a uniform, attractive appearance, no matter the season.

Residential Mulch Services

Because it decomposes, homeowners should replace mulch annually. If the thought of lugging bags of mulch to your home and spending your weekend spreading it among your landscaping is daunting, give us a call. The team at Manny’s can help you make your landscaping look like a work of art so you can focus on the small pleasures in life – like reading a great book next to your freshly mulched garden! We’re here to meet your residential mulching needs and help your mulching and gardening projects shine.

Commercial Mulch Services

Flowers and blooming plants can bring character and color to your business. No matter how big or how small your commercial mulching project may be, the Manny’s team will be there to help you care for your landscaping. Our experts can select and place the mulch as well as help you ensure its upkeep. A call to our professionals for a mulching project is an investment in your business.

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Big or small, home or business, our mulching services will bring your landscaping or gardens to life! As a local Fargo-Moorhead business, we are invested in our community, and our experts can bring health and beauty to your landscaping.

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