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Perennials add a beautiful touch to any home or commercial business garden. The varieties are seemingly endless, and the colors are lively and beautiful, exactly what is needed to make your outdoor space pop. At Manny’s Lawn, we love seeing a beautiful garden thrive. When it comes to planting or cleaning up perennials, our expert staff is ready to dig in!

Why Perennials?

Perennials are a great garden choice because not only are they beautiful and colorful, but they also don’t need to be planted every year. Depending on your choice of plants, they can last three-plus years. They do tend to bloom a shorter time than annuals, but many people plant varieties that bloom at different times so that your garden always looks lively.

When To Plant

The best time to plant perennials is in the spring and fall. In the spring, the soil is warm, there is plenty of rainfall, and the days are longer, which means optimal sunshine for your growing plants. The fall is also an excellent choice because your plants will spend the winter months growing strong roots, leading to bigger blooms in the spring.

What Perennials Should Be Planted?

No two gardens are the same. At Manny’s, we understand that your garden is unique. What perennials you should plant depends on many factors. Our team pays particular attention to what would work best for you and your garden, whether it is your residential or commercial property. There are numerous options for perennials. There are early blooming strains that you’ll see as early as March or April. There are also long-blooming perennials, which provide impressive color all summer long. In addition, some perennials thrive best in the sunshine, and others grow best in the shade. What plant will work best for you depends on your taste and different factors in your garden, such as sunlight, soil quality, and high heat or low precipitation.

When Should Perennials Be Cleaned Up?

As there is an optimal time to plant, there are better times to clean up your garden. For many perennials, the best time to cut back is in the fall. There are many reasons to clean up your garden in the fall. Some plants harbor insects in their blooming months and ridding your garden of these plants can cut back on disease or insect problems. Cleaning up also helps to control reseeding and makes room for spring growth. The best time often depends on your specific variety of perennials.

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When it comes to planting or cleaning up your garden, it helps to have an expert who can ensure that your garden is at its best. Perennials come in all different shapes and colors, and their needs vary as well. An experienced team like the one at Manny’s can help to make sure your unique style is honored while planting what will work best for your garden overall. So, whether it is planting or cleaning up your garden, our team is ready to help. Contact us today for all your perennial questions!