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Building A New Shed For Your Home

The garage has slowly become a place of storage for more than just your car. Packed to the brim, garages almost resemble giant outdoor closets. But with our rainy and hot summers and our cold and dry winters, why use up that space for storage when it can be used to protect your car? The best solution is to install a shed on your property that can add much-needed storage space for all your belongings.

What Will Your Shed Be Used For?

When considering a shed, you should think about its use. While storage may be your top priority, perhaps you are trying to incorporate a small workspace within it so that the workbench in the garage can be transplanted into the shed. Decide what you should plan to keep inside of it. Will it strictly be tools, or will it be used for those holiday decoration bins? Because of the versatility of sheds and their different uses, it is important to consider these options. Once you have decided what you want your shed to be used for, consult with professionals who can walk you through different design options that will best suit your needs.

What Size Shed Should I Buy?

Once you’ve consulted with our experts on the necessities for your shed based on its usage, we will help guide you through different sizing options. You may be thinking that you want something small and discrete, but perhaps you need something to continue to grow into or something that is not only functional but decorative as well. Think of it like Goldilocks and the Three Bears — you don’t want something too small nor too large, but you want something just right.

Design also plays a role in size. Because of the fluctuating weather, understanding the right slope of the roof, the right material to build your shed with, and even where your door should be placed are all considerations that play a vital role in creating something that will last. Our professional consultants will talk to you about wood types, shingle types, and window types that would work in the Fargo-Moorhead area, so that no matter the season, you know your belongings are protected.

How Do You Install A Shed?

Keep your trust in us to help you here. Many factors go into installing a shed properly that are more than just saying, “I’d like a shed right there.” Proper installation requires the correct leveling and grading. A shed is just like your home — it is a structure that you want to protect. Putting in the same investment for the land around your shed with trusted professionals will help ensure the longevity of your shed. Our experts will not only help guide you on location, but we will go through the details of what we can do to place that shed in just the right spot.

Professional Shed Installation

For the best shed possible, contact the professionals at Manny’s Lawn. We will help to ensure that your shed serves its purpose, lasts, and looks good so all you have to do is enjoy it.