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Shrubs are a fantastic addition to any landscape, whether it’s a large commercial site or your home. And finding the right shrubbery for your site doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Whether it is planting or trimming, the experienced team at Manny’s Lawn can help. Our team can help you select the perfect shrubbery for your site, and we can help make sure that it lasts as long as possible and looks amazing while doing so.

The Benefits Of Shrubs

When it comes to shrubbery, there are a ton of benefits. One of the significant of these is privacy. Shrubs are multi-stemmed, so they are pretty dense. This helps buffer noise from your neighbors or your street. Many shrubs also grow thick and tall, providing a natural barrier for peeping eyes. Some shrubs can provide fruit, which is excellent for human consumption and for wildlife. Shrubs also enhance the local biodiversity. This means that they provide habitat and shelter for wildlife. They all attract pollinators and songbirds through their fruit and flowers. Finally, shrubs are a lot like trees in that they help improve air quality. Shrubs help trap harmful pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone in their leaves.

Planting Shrubs

When it comes to planting, shrubs can be a bit picky. At Manny’s, we understand the delicacy of properly planting shrubs to best benefit from their different attributes. When it comes to planting, there are many different aspects to consider. These include the lighting. Not all shrubs are the same. Some require more lighting, less lighting, and certain amounts of lighting. Whether it is for your home or office, a professional can help determine what kind of shrubbery is best for your landscape.

The soil in which you plant your shrubbery is also a factor. Most shrubs can adapt to various soil conditions, which is one of the main reasons for their popularity. One major factor in any shrub is your soil’s drainage capability. Another factor in shrubbery maintenance is watering. Generally, you never want to let your shrubbery dry out. With shrubs, sometimes it takes more than one season to see the full benefit of what you’ve planted. Watering helps to ensure that the shrub will survive from season to season.

Trimming Shrubbery

Once your shrub has reached its full potential, it is also essential to keep up with maintenance. The biggest maintenance job is trimming. Trimming helps in a variety of ways. It keeps your shrub from overgrowing, and it keeps the limbs it has happy and healthy. In addition, pruning makes way for new growth, which improves the longevity of your shrubs.

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If you want to add shrubbery to your home or office, Manny’s is here to help. Our team has vast experience dealing with both planting and trimming your shrubbery. So, if you are ready to plant new shrubs, or if you are looking to bring new life to your existing shrubs, contact us today!