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Deciding whether you should go with sod or grass seed can seem like a difficult decision. It may just be that you are not exactly sure why people choose one over the other. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both to help make things clearer for you. As always, Manny’s is here to help you make the best decisions possible regarding your residential and commercial properties.

Advantages of Sod

You Can Reap the Benefits of Sod Immediately

A major advantage to laying sod is as soon as it’s in place, you can start enjoying the look of a fresh, new lawn. In most cases, sod takes 2-3 weeks to become fully established.

Control Erosion as Soon as It’s in Place

From the very start, sod acts as a blanket of sorts to hold soil in place even on sloped areas.

Enjoy No Weeds

High-quality sod is free from or has very few weeds due to the absence of weed seeds, making your lawn look green and beautiful immediately.

Disadvantages of Sod

Sod Isn’t Cheap

Sod itself and the labor to lay it is more expensive. Proper installation requires professionals but is absolutely worth the price to have it done correctly.

You Need the Right Conditions

Oftentimes, shady lawns can pose a challenge. Sod is typically grown in full sun conditions and therefore when transplanted, if the light levels and soil conditions change, it may be difficult for the sod to establish itself.

Transplant Window Is Short

Within 24 hours of harvest, sod should be laid. If sod is laid outside of this window, problems may occur.

Choosing seed is another option that may be right for you. Unlike sod, with grass seed, you are the grower. Of course, this process holds its own advantages and disadvantages too.

Advantages of Seed

Lower All-Around Cost

Grass seed is much cheaper than sod for the same size lawn. Labor costs are non-existent if you do it yourself.

Establishes in Place

Planting grass seed allows for it to be established and rooted right where you plant it. This allows for a deep and healthy root system.

Disadvantages of Seed

Seeds Must Be Sown at a Particular Time

It’s important to plant grass seed at the proper time. The timing is different depending on the type of grass you plant. Planting grass at the incorrect time causes poor grass conditions, including failed seed and a disease-susceptible lawn.

Increased Maintenance

Careful and constant monitoring, attention, and lots and lots of watering are required when planting seed.

Longer Growing Time and Weed Competition

It takes a newly seeded lawn an entire season before becoming dense, established, and mature. Weeds can be an issue too. Fall planting can help with this because weeds grow less in the cooler months.

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