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Everyone enjoys a well-kept, green lawn. However, even if it looks green and lush, your yard may not be what meets the eye. Excess grass blades and weeds that aren’t yet decomposed can add a thick layer to your lawn, known to the experts at Manny’s as “thatch”.

Some thatch—usually about a half-inch total—can be beneficial to your yard. It acts as a layer of mulch, protecting your grass from temperature extremes and keeping moisture locked into your yard. Unfortunately, when the thatch on your lawn piles up faster than it decomposes, it can cause insects to make their homes in your grass. Worse, thatch can form a barrier that keeps precious water and nutrients from the lawn’s roots, killing your grass if it stays too long.

Our Dethatching Service

To keep your lawn looking its best, you can trust our team of professionals. Manny’s provides the Fargo-Moorhead community with professional, efficient dethatching services that can bring new life to your lawn and leave it looking its best.

The simple but labor-intensive process of dethatching starts with a rake, a little muscle, and a lot of patience. Manny’s professionals will carefully loosen and pull out the thatch from each area of your lawn, allowing your grass to enjoy the air and sunlight once again. Then, we use advanced equipment to gently remove and bag the thatching without damaging your grass. If necessary, we can even re-seed and fertilize a lawn that has suffered damage from excessive thatch.

Residential Dethatching

Our residential dethatching services restore the beauty of a pristine lawn to our Fargo-Moorhead neighbors. Don’t spend your precious weekends dethatching by hand or on your own. Manny’s Lawn Care’s reliable lawn maintenance crew will take care of your lawn’s dethatching every step of the way.

Dethatching allows your lawn to grow the way it should. If your yard feels spongy or damp when you’re walking on it, or if you find it challenging to feel the soil through the deposited grass, call our lawn care experts to schedule your dethatching service.

Commercial Dethatching

The grassy areas that surround your commercial property are the first impression your clients have of your business. Although it may not have much to do with what you do inside the building, your lawn will indicate the care you give to your customers. Unfortunately, a messy, over-thatched lawn leaves doubt regarding the quality work you do on a daily basis.

When you schedule our commercial dethatching services, our team will visit your property to improve the overall impression your lawn can give. Removing excess thatch means that patchy grass, insects, and a dangerously soggy lawn will be a thing of the past. Dethatching is an excellent idea for your commercial property to improve both the first impression you display and the safety of your business.

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If you own a Fargo-Moorhead home or business with an over-thatched lawn, it’s time to schedule dethatching services. With years of experience, a reliable and trustworthy crew, and cutting edge tools for the modern lawn, you can trust Manny’s for thorough, efficient dethatching for your home or your business.

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