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Green, grassy lawns that flourish with soft, thick turf all have one thing in common—these lawns are regularly watered. Property owners who water their lawns on a regular basis benefit from the time and energy they put into it.

Watering your lawn is the most important step in maintaining its health. A healthy lawn needs to be watered once a week at a minimum. If you notice your lawn looking dry more often, then it should be watered even more frequently. Regular watering will ensure your lawn has enough moisture to thrive and grow without drying out or dying altogether.

The Problem With Watering Your Grass

Most homeowners and business owners don’t have the extra time in their week or energy in their day to keep their lawn watered properly. It takes patience and perseverance to stand around and water the grass manually with a hose. Even using a hose-connected sprinkler takes effort and planning because it needs to be moved around to ensure full irrigation.

The Solution

Most people turn to lawn irrigation systems for this. These systems are designed to deliver water to your grass at a consistent rate throughout the day. Powered by electricity, they rely on timers to automatically turn water coverage on and off, based on weather conditions. This feature also cuts down on overwatering, which can also save you money and conserve water. Automatic lawn irrigation systems require less maintenance than manual systems, so they are a convenient way to keep your grass hydrated. Once installed, a good sprinkler system requires little to no effort to maintain on the part of the homeowner.

Professional Installation

If you are considering installing an irrigation system in your lawn, you should understand the importance of hiring a reputable professional to do the job. These jobs incorporate several household utilities. They also require careful attention to detail to preserve the aesthetics of the lawn. So many things can go wrong. Thus, a self-sufficient watering system is only as good as the company that installs it. Manny’s Lawn & Snow has experience with sprinkler system installation and connection to ensure that your irrigation system is installed correctly and safely.

Irrigation System Winterization

Winterizing your irrigation system is a vital part of its upkeep. This protects your investment and avoids future repairs by keeping your pipes from freezing in the cold winter months. Our experienced lawn technicians will properly shut off the water supply to the system and drain it out of the pipes.

We then secure your valves by insulating the above-ground backflow preventers correctly. This is a job best left to professionals, so you can be confident it is done accurately. Manny’s Lawn & Snow offers both services with proven success based on the satisfaction of our many happy customers.

Protecting Your Investment

Irrigation is a big investment, and when it comes to installing and winterizing the system, make sure you’re getting the best service in Fargo-Moorhead contact Manny’s today. Our professionals can provide you with a quote on all phases of irrigation.