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Everyone is bound to encounter more than a few slippery pathways each winter. However, slippery paths aren’t just a slight inconvenience—they also pose a severe safety hazard due to the significant slip and fall risk. There are precautions you can take to keep your property free of slippery pathways, sidewalks, and pavement this winter season.

If you want to keep a high-traffic area on your property safe and walkable during the winter, consider putting down either salt or sand. Or, you can mix these two materials and use that to fight slippery surfaces with ease.

Want to be prepared for the next snowfall before it happens? Keep the salt and sand application services at Manny’s Lawn and Snow in mind so that when the next snowstorm hits, you know exactly who to turn to.

Reliable Salt and Sand Services

Manny’s is proud to provide speedy, thorough salt and sand application services to the Fargo-Moorhead region. Salt and sand can be applied on request, or we can take care of it per snowfall.

Salt and sand are a simple yet highly effective way to combat slippery paths, sidewalks, and more. More specifically, putting down sand is a great way to gain traction, even if the ground is covered in ice and snow. Salt can be used to melt the ice and snow. However, it can become diluted over time, meaning it will often need to be reapplied.

The amount of salt or sand your property needs depends on how much snow and ice has built up. Fortunately, the salt and sand experts at Manny’s know how to figure out just how much you need to make your high traffic areas walkable again.

Commercial Salt and Sand

As a commercial property owner, you don’t have time to let slippery pathways sit, unavailable to be traveled on. This can negatively impact your business, and that’s precisely why it’s essential to have a quick and straightforward strategy up your sleeve for the next snowfall: Bring in salt and sand application professionals, and your visitors will be free to safely walk around, without the risk of injury.

Residential Salt and Sand

Any homeowner can benefit from efficient salt and sand services once the winter months arrive. No one wants to worry about the safety of their family members and loved ones simply due to the slippery conditions on your property. Unfortunately, these conditions can also cause issues in your driveway, making the start of a drive far more of a hassle than what it’s worth.

Using salt and sand application, not only can you melt away snow and clear up your driveway, but you can also improve the traction across your property.

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At Manny’s Lawn and Snow, we provide the most efficient and reliable salt and sand application services in the Fargo-Moorhead region. So, next time the region experiences heavy snowfall, you know exactly who to turn to melt away snow and keep high traffic areas walkable. We service both commercial and residential clients. For more information or to request a quote, contact Manny’s today.