Fall Gutter Cleaning

Why It’s Time To Get Out Of The Gutters And Clean Your Rain Spouts This Fall

Now that it is autumn, nothing is more thrilling than waking up and busting out a ladder to clean your gutters!

Of course, we’re kidding. Maintaining junk-free rain gutters is more like a chore than an adventure, but it is so beneficial for both your roof and your wallet. Now that leaves are falling and rain is coming down in buckets, you definitely don’t want your gutters clogging up with muck.

You might not run to scoop dirty foliage out in excitement, but cleaning your rain spouts saves you money in the long run by preventing rust and other roof problems. Let’s talk about all the benefits you’ll be getting by maintaining your gutters (and all the expensive damage you’ll be avoiding).

You’ll Avoid Unwanted Pests Like Bugs & Rodents

When the temperatures drop in the Fargo-Moorhead area, critters of all kinds come scurrying to find warm shelter. Mice, mosquitos, and birds all love the moist environment of gutters, but they also bring droppings and disease straight to your home! Freshly clean gutters mean that animals will have to find some other place to hibernate.

Prevents Unsafe Mold From Growing Beneath Your Roof

During the rainy seasons, it can be difficult to keep your gutters dry enough to prevent mold— especially given that it’s their job to catch rainwater! Clogged gutters are much more likely to cause a buildup of mold because the water has nowhere to flow. This mildew can then grow to your home’s siding and other places. By cleaning out these spouts, you let the water flow freely so mold has no way to occupy your roof.

You’ll Avoid A Buildup Of Ice When Freezing Temperatures Hit

When gutter drains are blocked, there’s no place for all that autumn rain to go. Stillwater might bring mosquitos or mold, but the most costly effect is when that water freezes. When temperatures drop, ice expands and can split your gutters in half! The last thing you want are broken pipes in the dead of winter, so it’s better to be safe and get those leaves cleared out.

Rust Won’t Stand A Chance

A buildup of water in your gutter drains can also cause some serious rust damage. Rust can wear right through metal, causing water leaks and damage to your house. Replacing drainage pipes is one thing, but fixing the damage to your home’s structure can be pricey and exhausting. Beat rust to punch by ensuring that water is traveling in and out of your gutters, so it never has time to corrode.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

These potential gutter problems are enough to make anyone’s head pop off in frustration. Prevention is much cheaper than treatment in both time and money, so it’s probably time to either take out that dusty ladder or call up the pros. Instead of spending hundreds to thousands on siding replacements, pipe damage, and pest control, ease your worries by getting on top of your gutter cleaning today!

As important as cleaning your gutters is, it sure isn’t fun. That’s why we’re proud to offer safe and speedy gutter cleaning services throughout the Fargo-Moorhead area, so instead of you spending days scraping around your spouts, we can get them squeaky-clean in hours. Get a FREE quote today by emailing us at quotes@mannyslawn.com or calling us at (701) 361-0556. We’re ready as ever to serve you and your family!