Salt Or Sand For Ice Removal

Is Salt Or Sand Better For Removing Snow And Ice Off My North Dakota Driveway?

Now that the holidays are here, many North Dakota homeowners are joyfully looking forward to the first snowfall! While wintry snow storms can be beautiful, looking out for your family’s and property’s safety first is essential. December often brings treacherous snow and ice buildup on driveways that cause unfortunate accidents. However, accidents can be prevented with two simple and economical methods: salt and sand applications. To leap into this winter safely, compare salt and sand applications for snow and ice removal for your driveway to determine which is best for you.

Why Is North Dakota Snow And Ice Removal Important?

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, eliminating any safety concerns from private property is essential. North Dakota winters bring about hazardous snow and ice buildup that can cause slips and falls for passerbys, disrupt drivers’ vision on roadway corners, and increase the chances of tires skidding on ice. Not only does taking snow and ice removal precautions maintain a safe environment for people, but it also protects your home and business from legal liabilities and property damage.

Salt For Driveway Snow Removal In North Dakota

Salt is the most common application method for eliminating ice and snow buildup on driveways. There are several options, like rock salt, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride. However, most homeowners prefer rock salt for their driveways for its quick de-icing abilities and low cost.

Properties Of Salt Applications:

  • Melts quickly: Rock salt reduces the snow and ice’s melting point, making it thaw even in the freezing climate.
  • Prevents ice formation: Salt effectively combats slippery ice buildup on your driveway before a snow or ice storm.
  • Easy to use: Applying salt to your driveway is straightforward and user-friendly, making it accessible for homeowners and professionals alike.
  • May damage lawns: Improper salt applications can disrupt soil structure and nutrient balance for turfgrass, resulting in damaged and weak lawn patches.
  • Can erode concrete: Salt for driveway management increases the number of freeze-thaw cycles in a season, and due to its naturally acidic makeup, salt can deteriorate concrete quickly.
  • Contributes to runoff: If too much salt is applied, the melting snow can drift salt water into nearby bodies of water and disrupt the natural ecosystem.

Sand For Driveway Snow Removal In Fargo-Moorhead

Sand is another method to manage snow and ice buildup in North Dakota. However, it functions differently from salt in that it doesn’t melt snow. Instead, it provides traction on top of slippery surfaces to reduce accidents.

Properties Of Sand Applications:

  • Increases traction: Because sand isn’t soluble in water, it expertly builds long-lasting traction in high-traffic areas like driveways.
  • Environmentally safe: When used in moderation, sand is eco-friendly and doesn’t contribute to runoff.
  • Long-lasting: While driveway salt may need to be reapplied multiple times throughout the snowy season, sand for icy driveways lasts much longer because it doesn’t melt down or wash away.
  • Doesn’t remove snow: Although it provides excellent traction, sand doesn’t eliminate snow buildup or prevent ice from forming during a freeze.
  • Requires cleanup: Using sand for snow in your driveway might cause sand particles to be tracked into your home or business, resulting in a frequent mess.
  • Causes drainage issues: Accumulated sand can gravitate into the drainage systems within your driveway and nearby roads, clogging them over time.

Is Salt Or Sand Better For North Dakota Snow And Ice Removal?

Salt applications are a winner if you’re looking for the ice and snow to melt away. The chemical makeup of salt actively works to eliminate snow and ice buildup from driveways. However, sand is valuable in salt and sand management, providing long-term traction for walking and driving. For comprehensive and safe winter management, we offer both sand and salt application services to cater to every client’s needs.

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