How Often Should I Mow My Lawn?

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn In North Dakota?

Now that June is here, homeowners are switching up their mowing schedules for lawn health. Maintaining a dense, green lawn requires careful consideration of various factors. While regular mowing is essential, there are times when it’s best to give your lawn a break, especially during periods of dry weather. Let’s explore several elements that influence how often you should mow your lawn in North Dakota and some best practices for keeping your lawn in optimal condition.

Mowing In Fargo-Moorhead’s Climate

The weather conditions of your area can dramatically change how you approach lawn care. For example, Fargo-Moorhead is especially known for its extreme temperature changes, which cause added stress to your turf. When you mow in the FM area, be aware of any droughts in the summer that will dehydrate your lawn. It’s best to avoid cutting your lawn during exceptionally dry weather. Instead, give your lawn a break until rainfall picks up.

Factors Influencing Mowing Frequency

There’s not one set way to mow a lawn. Instead, several factors can change how often you should be cutting your grass to keep it thick and healthy.

  • Grass type. Different grass varieties grow at different rates, so be familiar with your grass type. For example, Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the more prevalent grass varieties in homeowners’ lawns. Since it grows rapidly, you might have to mow twice a week in the spring and fall and once a week during the hotter summer months.
  • Environmental factors. As mentioned before, the climate is a leading factor in mowing best practices. In particular, North Dakota is prone to droughts in the summer, which cause added stress to cool grass varieties. Pay close attention to incoming weather; you’ll want to work around stressful environmental factors.
  • Mowing height. Generally, grass that is too short is vulnerable to pests and weeds, while grass that is too long can droop and grow fungus. Otherwise, some homeowners keep their grass on the long side for a lush, green look. Meanwhile, some prefer a shorter, clean cut. Consider your lawn’s appearance when choosing your preferred grass length.

Signs Of Improper Mowing

Has mowing been stressing your lawn out? There are a few indications of improper mowing that you should look out for to protect your lawn’s vitality.

  • Scalping. If you’ve noticed that your mowing consistently exposes the soil beneath your lawn, you could be damaging your grass. Scalping is mowing your grass so short that the stems are left exposed to the sun, drying both the soil and the grass blades. You can prevent this by switching the mower blade to a higher setting for a long, fresh cut.
  • Poor recovery. If your grass is growing back thin and weak, it could be a sign of poor mowing practices. You may need to let your grass grow longer than your current mower blade setting allows. This way, your grass can fight off incoming weeds and adequately photosynthesis.
  • Weeds and pest problems. Unwanted weeds and bugs popping up in your lawn is another sign of improper mowing. Mowing can either benefit or harm your lawn, so you can weaken it when you mow too short or long. Weak grass opens the door to various problematic pests, so be on the lookout for lawn nuisances.

Best Practices For Mowing Your Lawn

Finally, stay informed on best practices for mowing your lawn. For example, changing your mowing direction can prevent the grass from flattening to one side. Routinely servicing your mower is also critical to maintaining a healthy lawn. Sharpening the lawn blades and changing the oil helps you achieve the best cut possible. If you’d rather not deal with the stress of lawn and mower upkeep, your local lawn care company can provide quick, superior mowing services.

Treat Your Lawn To Professional Mowing Services

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