Commercial Property Lawn Care

6 Tips for Achieving a Professional Commercial Property Lawn

The lawn is one of the first things a potential customer sees when approaching the physical location of your business. Whether it is just a small curbside patch of grass or a pristine lawn, it is imperative for your professional reputation that it is well cared for. Any flower gardens need to look appealing and kept up. There are many tips that can keep your commercial property looking its best. Here are six simple tips to keep up your business’s lawn and flower gardens.

Tip #1: Check Sprinkler Heads

Especially at the beginning of the North Dakota growing season, make sure to check your sprinkler system heads and make sure they are clear of debris and can efficiently get water to all the turfgrass and flower beds that need it. Inspecting them periodically throughout the spring, summer, and fall can help ensure your lawn is getting properly hydrated.

Tip #2: Use Pre-Emergent Herbicide

There is a reason for the old saying, “the best offense is defense.” Pre-emergent herbicide is easy to forget to use because it needs to be applied to your lawn and gardens before a weed problem emerges. But when used correctly and in the recommended time frame, weeds won’t even have a chance to germinate and grow, let alone take hold, leaching precious nutrients from the turfgrass and flowers that need it.

Tip #3: Trim Perennials

Perennials are very useful flowers because they will come back every year without having to be planted. However, this does not mean that they don’t need maintenance. Pruning the perennials outside your commercial business each year will mean they keep a pleasing and clean-cut appearance, and this also helps them flower in a more even pattern. A little pruning goes a long way, and it doesn’t take much work to keep these flowers looking their very best.

Tip #4: Make Sure Lawn Mower Blades Are Sharp

Mowing a lawn should leave your turfgrass looking neat and refreshed. However, if the lawnmower blades are not sharp, they can end up doing more damage to the grass than good. If there aren’t sharp blades cutting through the grass efficiently, it will tear up the lawn causing damage and can even cause patches of grass to be torn out of the ground to die. Sharp blades can make all the difference.

Tip #5: Mulch Is Your Best Friend

Putting down and maintaining mulch in your flower gardens and around trees not only helps keep weeds away but adds a clean, professional touch to the outside of your business. It is recommended to use 3-4 inches of mulch to really stop weed growth in its tracks, and new mulch should be added about twice a year. A good rule for a Fargo-Moorhead business owner is to apply mulch in the spring and late summer.

Tip #6: Consult Expert Professionals

Consulting with experts is the best way to make sure your commercial lawn is healthy and in the most pristine shape, it can be. Manny’s has professionals with vast experience to do just that at affordable prices. Contact our team today for a quote so that we can begin taking care of your business’s lawn care needs.