Dog Waste Removal

Why It’s Time To Pick Up That Dog Poop In Your Lawn ASAP

Nothing beats watching your canine companions bolt through your yard under sunny, clear skies — until doody calls! Your Fargo-Moorhead pups are our respected clients too, which is why it’s time to talk about this not-so-pleasant subject.

Yep, let’s talk about poop.

Did you know that dog waste is not a fertilizer? In fact, the USDA labeled it as a pollutant because of how much nitrogen it contains. When it rains, this nitrogen can run off into bodies of water and disrupt the environment.

But how does leaving dog waste in your yard directly affect you?

If this matter in your yard isn’t properly disposed of, you might be facing some unexpected and unfortunate consequences. Here’s why it’s essential to dispose of your pet’s droppings immediately.

Dog Poop Can Leave Grass Burns Across Your Turf

Due to the extremely high nitrogen content in your dog’s waste, leaving it to decompose will
create burn patches in your grass. Initially, these grass patches might look especially healthy, but over time these areas will become hay-colored and fried.

Dog waste is simply too nitrogen-rich to be beneficial for your turf. Similar to over-fertilizing, the nutrient-dense droppings put your grass in distress, which can lead to these patches being both wilted and susceptible to disease. In best cases, soaking these spots with water may revive the grass, but in worse cases, this damage calls for reseeding.

Don’t Forget About HOA Fines

If the potential damage to your turf wasn’t enough to convince you, then your disgruntled neighbors might be.

Living within the bounds of a Homeowners Association has wonderful benefits such as living in a beautiful community. However, with being an HOA member comes additional responsibilities to ensure that your yard— along with everyone else’s— is hygienic and tidy.

Did you know that even pet-friendly neighborhoods oftentimes have fines for uncleaned dog waste?

While it may be an annoyance, fines are frequently in place for the safety of all of the neighborhood. The best possible way to avoid fines is to take some time every week and thoroughly dispose of pet waste. Both your lawn and community will thank you!

Then, There’s Concern About Bad Bacteria

Not only is uncollected dog waste unpleasant to the eyes and nose, but it’s harmful to our bodies too. In fact, leaving dog waste to sit can expose your family to some nasty bacteria and pests. E. Coli, tapeworm, ringworm, and the common coliform bacteria can pass from pets to humans through feces contact.

Your pup may appear healthy, but animal waste is always a potential health hazard.

Of course, physical contact with waste is one way to spread bacteria and parasites. However, dog droppings can also contaminate nearby water sources and garden plots. Hiring a professional pet waste removal service is the best way to keep your pets and other family members out of harm’s way.

But Why Should You Hire A Pro?

Hiring a professional has many benefits: It’s thorough, sanitary, and an excellent idea before any outdoor hangouts.

We are skilled at uncovering all the nooks, corners, and crannies around your backyard where your dog is doing their business. No mess will be left behind to ensure that your yard is ready for backyard barbecues, games of frisbee, and effortless mowing.

Hiring a trained professional to do the dirty work guarantees that you will have the safest home possible for both your guests and family alike.

Manny’s Lawn Has Got You Covered

If you’re worried about how your dog’s business may be affecting your yard, it’s probably time to scoop the poop. Ready to refresh your lawn? Call us at 701-361-0556 or email us to get a FREE quote today.