Weed Control Fargo

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Weed Control

When it comes to your residential or commercial lawn, nothing is more annoying than weeds taking over, causing unsightly front yards or curbsides. Weeds will take any opportunity they can to sneak into your yard and take over. Once they get a good firm hold into your lawn, they start sucking up all the water and nutrients from the grass that is supposed to get it, killing it off. Dead grass, in turn, means more areas where weeds can grow, perpetuating the problem. Weed problems should be dealt with long before the situation gets out of control.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to keep your lawn looking green and well maintained so that your lawn can be the envy of the neighborhood or part of a well-kept business. There are other practices that aren’t as effective in keeping the weeds away. Below are the do’s and don’ts when dealing with these pesky plants.

Do Utilize Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicide stops weeds before they even start to grow. This works because it prevents germination, which is what happens when a seed sprouts and takes root. Prevention is your best defense, and this stops the weed problem before it even begins.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Pre-emergent herbicide is only effective when used early. Your best bet is to do a little research well in advance and set up a schedule beforehand to make sure that you are using the herbicide and applying it at the correct time in the spring.

Do Make Sure To Follow Directions

Some herbicides take multiple doses to control the weeds in your lawn. Make sure to read all directions carefully, and make sure to follow the time schedules for applications. Missing even one application can mean that pesky weeds will have time to flourish. You may be surprised at how fast weeds can grow.

Don’t Get Angry and Spray

When weeds are ruining your otherwise pristine lawn, it is easy to get angry at them. You may be tempted to say in your head “I’ll show them who’s boss,” and spray them with herbicide like crazy. It may even feel cathartic and that you’re getting revenge on them for being such a nuisance! However, this excessive spraying won’t do much more to solve the problem faster than the suggested amount to use on the directions. Although it might feel good, spraying too much while you’re mad will only waste herbicide.

Do Keep Your Turfgrass Thick

One of the best defenses in stopping weeds is not giving them cracks in your turfgrass that works as armor against them. If you keep the turfgrass thick and luscious, weeds will have a hard time taking root and getting the sunlight they need to start taking over.

We Stop Weeds In Their Tracks

When it comes to stopping weeds from taking over in your commercial or residential lawn, consulting with experts can make all the difference between a healthy lawn and one full of unwanted, unsightly plants. The expert team at Manny Lawn and Snow can make sure that weeds stay far away from your commercial and residential properties in the Fargo-Moorhead areas. Contact us today for all your lawn care needs!